Thursday, 1 September 2011

First release is Way Of The Morris. A fine and critically acclaimed documentary by Tim Plester with all original music by Adrian Corker. This great little soundtrack is a mixture of the ambient and intriguing, with fine and inventive modern compositions carefully crafted and blended alongside spoken word and field recordings from the film. It's a soundtrack, it's a dreamscape of British rural life and a fine start to this new label. Available both on CD and digitally you can buy it here. Artwork is superb too, which makes it even more of a thrill to own.


  1. Good luck with the new label! Great 'wee' documentary.

  2. Just brilliant.

    All the contemporary British scores I hear are just plain awful. Dreary, conservative (with a small "c") things, with no real ambition other than to garner a Bafta nomination by plodding through well trodden tropes that suggest that what we're watching is "serious and important."


    Am clearly watching the wrong films.

    As has long been the case, the best scores are hiding in films that are either too brilliant or too crap for anyone to notice. So will be nice to hear great vital new things.

  3. All the very best with the new label. looking forward to this!

  4. Heard this on OST show yesterday. Just beautiful I thought. Have seen the cd for sale in piccadilly, boomkat, etc. Are there any plans for a vinyl release Jonny? Regards, Ian

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